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Municipal Profile

Demography & Statistics

The population of Anda, Pangasinan as per the national census of 2010 stood at 37,011. This manifests an increase of 2,613 persons from the recorded population of 34,398 in 2007 Census of Population and Housing with May 2007 as reference date. Between 2007 and 2010, the average annual population growth of the municipality registered at 2.47%. This means that there were two persons added for every 100 in the population. Out of the total population of 37,011 as of 2010 around 91% or 33,848 live in the rural barangays, the largest of which is Barangay Cabungan with a total population of 3,167. This is followed by Brgy. Carot with a total population of 3,125. On the other hand, the least populated rural barangay is Macandocandong with a population of just 987. Poblacion, the lone urban barangay, has a population base of 3,163 as of the census conducted in 2010.

Based on the available data as gathered from the 2011 Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS), the majority of the population of Anda falls under the labor force age group and the working age group. Disaggregated by gender, 36% of males are in the labor force age group and 33% of them are already in the working age group while, 35%of the females are in the labor age group ad 325 of them are in the working age group. The gap between the potential and actual labor force is no that too widespread. On the other hand, the dependent population (ages 0 to 14 and 65 years old and above) accounts for some 21% of both males and females. Also based on the data, there seems to be an unequal distribution of genders across the age groups. For example, the males outnumber the females in the elementary (7-12), working age (15-64), labor force (15 and over) and young independents (0-14). This portray that the sex ratio on such age groups are higher than 100. A sex ratio higher than 100 means that there are more males while a sex ratio lower than 100 indicated a predominance of females.

The total population density of Anda based on the 2010 NSO dt is four (4) persons per hectare which was arrived at by dividing the current population of 37,100 by Anda’s total land area of 8,379.00 hectares. Poblacion has a population density of (5) persons per hectare. The densest rural barangays of Cabungan, Carot and Mal-ong registered densities of 7, 7, and 6 persons per hectare respectively. The population density of Anda of four (4) persons per hectare is roughly the same as that of the whole province of Pangasinan.

Physical Features

The Municipality of Anda is the only island town of Pangasinan, lies at the western portion of Lingayen Gulf. To its west is bolinao while Alaminos is to its south, and Bani to its southwest. It is approximately 91 kilometers from Dagupan City, the business hub of Pangasinan or about 75 kilometers from Lingayen, the capital town of Pangasinan, and 36 kilometers from the City of Alaminos. The municipality is likewise approximately 300 kilometers from manila. Anda can be reached by two main routes, one across the Kakiputan Channel through the Anda Bridge between the Brgys. Tara of Bolinao and Mal-Ong of Anda. And the other route, is by way of 45-minute to one (1) hour boat ride from Brgy. Lucap, Alaminos to the wharf some few hundred meters south of the Poblacion.

Off the northwetern coast of Anda’s main island lies an island barangy called Siapar which is located northwest of the main island. Several other islets are scattered around the main island amonth which are: Cangaluyan Island north of Brgy. Carot; Tandoyong Island, a good fishing group is located northeast of Brgy. Tondol; Panacalan Island off the coast of Brgys. Macaleeng and Sablig; Manoc Island located west of Brgy. Roxas; Baboy Island situated west of Awag; Katipan Island on the southwest of Siapar; and Pardana Island and Narra Island situation within the vicinity of Bryg. Siapar.

Anda is bounded in all directions by the waters of the Gulf. On the west, across a narrow body of water better known as the Kakiputan Channel, is the Municipality of Bolinao, on the southwest is the town of Bani; and on the south lies the City of Alaminos. Anda has a total land area of about 8,379 hectares of which 5,300 hectares are devoted to crop production; 298 hectares are forestland; and 1,250 hectares comprising grazing lands, agro-industrcial services, etc.

The municpality of Anda is politically subdivided into 18 barangays namely barangays Awag, Awile, Batiarao, Cabungan, Carot, Dolaoan, Imbo, Macaleeng, Macandocandong, Namagbagan, Poblacion, Roxas, Sablig, San Jose, Siapar, Tondol, and Toritori. It is basically coastal in nature with 78% of the population in rural barangay. Only one barangay, Namagbagan is totally inland. Poblacion is the only urbanized barangay within the municipality.

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