Vision & Mission


We envision Anda as God-fearing, peaceful, progressive and resilient community with strong and dedicated leaders where Andanians enjoy quality and responsive services towards inclusive growth and sustainable development.


To maintain the general welfare of Anda by providing quality services, encouraging people’s participation toward sustainable development and promoting moral, social, and cultural values in order to achieve a unified, progressive, resilient and peace-loving community anchored with the following objectives:

• To improve facilities and equipment that cater the needs of different sectors. • To attain sustainable agro-fishery development and conservation of the natural resources of the municipality. • To formulate and implement programs for health, education, sports, and civic activities. • To promote tourism and culture by initiating new programs and projects to attract tourists and investors. • To strengthen the ties among leaders of the municipality and its barangays through regular consultation and collaboration with different stakeholders. • To recognize the importance of youth empowerment in preparing the future of the island municipality.

ARANGKADA ANDA Our 10-Point Agenda (Development Thrusts)

  • J – ust and Better Social and Health Services
  • O – rganize Sports Development Programs and Youth Empowerment
  • G – ood Governance at its Best through People’s Participation and Consultation
  • Z – ealousness to Education Concerns
  • R – eassurance of Peace and Order and Disaster Preparedness and Resilience
  • A – ppropriate Sustainable Programs for Agriculture and Fisheries
  • R- egeration of the Environment towards Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
  • A – lleviate Poverty through Business and Micro-Enterprises and Community Empowerment
  • N – ew Infrastructure and Facilities
  • G – ive Anda a New Look through Sustainable Eco-Tourism


Municipality of Anda
Province of Pangasinan

0946 112 8389

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