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Direct Contacts of Patient 01’s Swab Tests all Negative, no Active Cases in ANDA Pangasinan

In a Facebook post dated 12 August 2020, the Municipality of Anda, Pangasinan disclosed to the public that all direct contacts of Patient 01 turned out to be all negative for the novel coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19 with RT-PCR tests done at Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center. Patient 01 has already recovered from the disease according to data from the provincial government and is currently staying at Manila where he has been quarantined upon the initial declaration of his health status.

Anda, Pangasinan remains COVID-19 free again with the recovery of its only COVID-19 patient, but the LGU continues to be vigilant to protect its citizens through reminding of health protocols, the imposition of market schedule and curfew, and stricter border control. (Ariel Bryan Casiquin, ANDA News 2405)

Official Website of Anda Municipality, Province of Pangasinan