Purchase Orders

  • Name of ProjectSupplierAddressReference Files
    1Purchase Order - Procurement of Meals, snacks and  food production for PWD National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation WeekRicah's Catering ServicesAnda, PangasinanPO No. 353-07-2022.pdf
    2Purchase Order - Procurement of meals, snacks and food product for PWD Medical and Dental Mission (NDPR Week)Ricah's Catering ServicesAnda, PangasinanPO No. 352-07-2022.pdf
    3Purchase Order - Procurement of PWD Medical and Dental Mission for National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation WeekMarich Med EnterprisesLingayen, PangasinanPO No. 351-07-2022.pdf
    4Purchase Order - Procurement of snacks and lunch for the scheduled cough caravanRicah's Catering ServicesAnda, PangasinanPO No. 350-07-2022.pdf
    5Purchase Order - Procurement of Materials for repair and maintenance of Anda Water SystemMarlyn Savemore EnterprisesAnda, PangasinanPO No. 335-07-2022.pdf
    6Purchase Order - Procurement of CX23 LED Microscope for RHU laboratory useSOC Medical Equipment and Supplies TradingBinmaley, PangasinanPO No. 335-07-2022.pdf
    7Purchase Order - Procurement of Office Supplies for Building Permit useMarcris EnterprisesLingayen, PangasinanPO No. 322-07-2022.pdf
    8Purchase Order - Procurement of Office supplies and materials for PNP useMarcris EnterprisesLingayen, PangasinanPO No. 320-07-2022.pdf
    9Purchase Order - Procurement of Garden Sets to be use at Tondol White Sand BeachMarlyn Savemore EnterprisesAnda, PangasinanPO No. 308-07-2022.pdf
    10Purchase Order - Procurement of Medical Supplies for RHU Laboratory UseSOC Medical Equipment and Supplies TradingBinmaley, PangasinanPO No. 317-07-2022.pdf
    11Purchase Order - Procurement of Stand Fan (3pcs) and Wall Fan (3pcs) for RHU Office UseKris Yen General MerchandiseAnda, PangasinanPO No. 316-07-2022.pdf
    12Purchase Order - Procurement of 3 in 1 Printer for Assessors Office UseMarlyn Savemore EnterprisesPoblacion, Anda, PangasinanPO No. 311-07-2022.pdf
    13Purchase Order - Procurement of Catering Services (Venue Preparation, Sound System, Tables and Chairs Rental) for the Inauguration of the Newly Elected OfficialsRicah's Catering ServicesAnda, PangasinanPO No. 314-07-2022.pdf
    14Purchase Order - Procurement of Meals and Snacks (2 days) for Department of Agriculture Personnel for the Release of the Farmers Financial AssistanceRicah's Catering ServicesAnda, PangasinanPO No. 313-07-2022.pdf
    15Purchase Order - Procurement of Snacks for BHW's Semi - Annual Program Implementation Review Cum of Election of OfficersRicah's Catering ServicesAnda, PangasinanPO No. 315-07-2022.pdf
  • Name of ProjectSupplierAddressReference Files
    1Procurement of Materials for LGU GAD TrainingMARCRIS ENTERPRISESLingayen, PangasinanPO No. 203-12-2021.pdf
    2Procurement of Various Supplies Under SEF for Distribution to Different SchoolsMARCRIS ENTERPRISESLingayen, PangasinanPO No. 202-12-2021.pdf
    3Procurement of 18 Units of Barangay AmbulanceB.M DOMINGO MOTOR SALES, INCKM 109 Sumacab Este, Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City, Nueva EcijaPO No. 553-10-2021.pdf
    4Procurement of Relief Goods for StockpilingMARICH MED ENTERPRISESMeneses St., Tonton East, Lingayen, PangasinanPO No. 385-08-2021.pdf
    5Procurement of One Set of P6 Full Color Outdoor LED DisplayTRIPLE M TECHNO SOLUTIONS ENTERPRISESan Carlos City, PangasinanPO No. 278-06-2021.pdf
    6Procurement of One Unit of Rescue AmbulanceToyota Dagupan City Inc.Dagupan, PangasinanPO No. 238-05-2021.pdf
    7Procurement of School Supplies for Education ProgramMARCRIS ENTERPRISESLingayen, PangasinanPO No. 493-09-2021.pdf


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