Travel Advisories

Travel Advisories

S-PASS & TaraNa LGU Anda, Pangasinan Inbound Travel Requirements

Updated 03 June 2021 10:00 PM 


All persons inbound to Pangasinan shall be required to register to S-PaSS account through: The S-PaSS account may be used for application for a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP) or a Travel Pass-through Permit (TPP).

B. Destination LGUs may be implement a “No Travel Coordination Permit (TCP), No Entry” policy in their territorial jurisdiction.

C. Travelers merely passing through Pangasinan en route to a region outside the province shall be required to present a Travel Pass-through Permit (TPP).

D. The following movements shall remain unhampered:

  1. Cargo movement, including personnel and delivery vehicles;
  2. Repatriated OFWs or returning OFWs who have been issued a DOH/BOQ quarantine, en route to their destination LGU.

E. The following persons are exempted for the TCP/TPP requirements upon passing symptom screening and presenting the required documents:

  1. Government officials and employees on official travel;
  2. Health and emergency frontliners and uniformed personnel;\
  3. Persons traveling for emergency reasons;
  4. PUV operators with valid LTFRB permit;
  5. Regular commuters with work purposes, if allowed by destination LGU.

F. Pangasinan residents already inside province are not required to present TCP/TPP when going to other cities/municipalities within the Pangasinan.

G. Non-APORs from restricted areas under ECQ, MECQ, GCQ with heightened restrictions, and/or other risk classifications where only essential travel is allowed, are restricted from travelling into Pangasinan.



The following APORs must present the following documents in lieu of a TCP/TPP in border checkpoints to gain entry or passage through component municipalities/cities in Pangasinan:

1. Personnel of goods and cargo delivery:

  • Valid or Government-Issued ID
  • Delivery receipts or bill of loading

2. Repatriated OFWs or Returning Overseas Filipinos:

  • Valid or Government-Issued ID
  • DOH/BOQ quarantine certificate
  • Proof indicating residential address in Pangasinan

3. Health and emergency frontline services and uniformed personnel:

  • Valid or Government-Issued ID
  • Proof of Employment in the frontline services

4. Government officials and employees on official travel:

  • Government Office ID or proof of employment in government service
  • Travel order or travel itinerary

5. Persons traveling for emergency reasons:

  • Valid or Government-Issued ID
  • Proof of emergency, including but not limited to: physician’s referral or order, death certificate of immediate family member, and authority/permission from the local IATF

6. Public utility vehicle operators

  • Certificate of Public Convenience
  • Approved permit to travel from the LTFRB

7. Regular commuters for work purposes only

  • Company ID or Certificate of Employment
  • Travel order issued by employer
  • Permission from destination LGU
  • Proof indicating workplace address or residential address in Anda, Pangasinan.



A. Register an S-PaSS account through;

B. Log in account using the registered phone number;

C. Check the travel protocols and restrictions of the destination LGU. Answering the questionnaire is encouraged;

  • If required by the destination LGU, apply for TCP or TPP. Such application must be accomplished at least two (2) days prior to the intended arrival date;

D. Submit/upload scanned copies of any documents as required. For travelers with more than 3 documents, the other requirements shall be e-mailed to [email protected];

E. Wait for the approval of the application. The processing of application for TCP or TPP will be during weekdays from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Applications beyond the given period and on any legal holidays shall be processed the next following weekday. Applications with exempted traveler types such as “APOR” and “Driver” as well as those who have a mismatch of their traveler type with their purpose may be cancelled automatically, and advised to reapply with another traveler type. Furthermore, applicants may contact the following hotlines and email regarding their S-PASS applications:

Call & Text Hotline: 0950-191-4621 or 0936-409-2217

Email: [email protected];

F. Upon approval, the TCP or TPP must be printed or saved on the phone;

G. The TCP or TPP must be processed for scanning in the border checkpoints in Pangasinan. The approved TCP or TPP will only be valid on the date of arrival specified therein.



A. Returning Residents:

  • Proof of residence in Anda (such as ID with home address in Anda or certification of residence from destination barangay)

B. Travelers in Transit from Anda (classified in S-PaSS as Individual Stranded in Various Localities while in Transit) to restricted areas with the condition that the traveler shall return within the duration of 24hrs.

  • Photo of ID with timestamp with prior coordination with the bridge checkpoint personnel

C. Humanitarian Travel (classified in S-PaSS as Indispensable Travel) with one of the following conditions:

  • For scholarship purposes/government exam/licensure purposes:
    • Proof of appointment/enrollment form/permission letter from school head stating purpose
  • For legal/documentary purposes (such as but not limited to land, securing permits and license, adoption, etc.)
    • Permission letter from the concerned office stating purpose (signed by head)
  • For marriage rites purposes (strictly immediate family only)
    • Permission letter from destination barangay
  • For religious purposes
    • Permission letter from local church head stating purpose 

 D. Tourist (allowed except from restricted areas)

  • approved application (register and apply at

Requirements for

  • For Day Trip tourist:
    1. Proof of residence in MGCQ/GCQ area (such as ID, which will be left at the checkpoint as assurance and claimed before curfew hours)
  • For Tourist with 1 day (24hrs including overnight) duration or more:
    1. Proof of residence in MGCQ/GCQ area (such as ID); and
    2. Proof of booking form an authorized accommodation (official list provided by the Tourism Officer).



The following are additional requirements for all travelers, both exempted and not exempted in S-PASS, to be attached in S-PASS (if not exempted), and presented and/or submitted at the municipal border checkpoint at the Anda Bridge:

  1. Additional requirements for all travelers from outside Pangasinan (including restricted areas):
    • One fully accomplished and individually signed COVID-19 Health Declaration Form dated no more than 72hrs (3 days) before travel.
  1. Additional requirements for all travelers specifically from restricted areas (except for Travelers in Transit from Anda):
    • One of the following COVID-19 detection test result, must be certified and verifiable:
      1. Negative Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test result, valid for 72hrs only (required for travelers below 18 and above 65 years old); or
      2. Negative COVID-19 Antigen (Rapid Test) result using FDA-approved rapid test kit: valid 48hrs only.


SECTION 6. REQUIREMENTS VALIDITY. The validity for all travelers must still be valid on the date of travel with consideration for a reasonable travel duration until arrival.


SECTION 7. QUARANTINE AND OTHER ACTIONS. The quarantine and other actions for travelers coming from restricted areas as well as tourists from all areas shall be headed by the RHU in coordination with PNP and other officials of destination barangay:

  1. Returning Residents from restricted areas shall undergo quarantine for 14 days.
  2. Travelers in Transit from Anda to restricted areas who meet the 24-hour time limit shall undergo 7 days of quarantine.
  3. Travelers in Transit from Anda to restricted areas who go beyond the 24-hour time limit shall be treated the same as returning residents.
  4. Day Trip tourists who fail to claim their IDs before curfew shall claim their IDs at the Municipal Police Station and shall be denied entry as Day Trip tourists for 1 month, while other Day Trip tourists who decide to stay overnight or another day shall coordinate first with the checkpoint and present a proof of booking from a registered accommodation.


SECTION 8. SANCTIONS. Non-exempted travelers who fail to provide an approved S-PaSS TCP or those whp falsify their S-PaSS TCP applications shall met with corresponding action as may be recommended by the local IATF.


SECTION 9. EFFECTIVITY. These guidelines shall take effect immediately until amended, modified or revoked.


Based on IATF Resolution 101 & 118-A s2021, Provincial Executive Order 0018-2021, and enhanced by Municipal Executive Order No. 41 s2021


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